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The Mayle Collection Leaves the Fashion Scene – Kleenex Anyone?

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Finding a niche in any market place can be both a blessing and a curse. A proper niche allows an entrepreneur to make a start in uncharted territory. They find a special place to market to clients, build experience and a portfolio weaving their way through the madness of the market. A niche opens doors and allow for individual catering and personality. At first glance, the niche provides opportunity and sound economical answers. But, when the niche starts to close, and after time, the market shifts, two options arise, you either roll with the punches and move with the waves of the niche or stop, redirect and go your own way. But one thing is for sure, you absolutely must not stay in place. If the niche evolves, so must you.The ever moving adjustments and time constraints in fashion yield an unfriendly market to the golden niche. Within a decade or less, the hole that was found could be filled due in part to fashion’s oversaturated and out-of-control marketplace. Designers often become servants to buyers, and retailers in turn slaves to consumers often times leaving creativity and individuality to the dust. The bittersweet presence of the media in fashion has never been greater. It can both launch a new line, and incorrectly brand another. Thus the fashion void once discovered becomes swallowed up and collapses in the mayhem. At this point, who wouldn’t want to cancel their subscription?One of fashion’s favorite designers and one of New York’s stars has experienced this exact reality. Jane Mayle, known as Mayle, has been running a successful and fruitful clothing line and boutique for nearly ten years. The demand for this edgy feminine line has never receded. With an annual gross of roughly $5 million a year Mayle appears to have no financial need to escape the scene, yet never the less, she is. Holiday/Resort 09 will be the last collection for this coveted brand and her well loved boutique in NoLita.It is a sad day to see one of the most creative and brightest designers to leave the scene. Mayle has done a precise and genuine job of mixing timelessness and modernity to give us something truly unique. Every year Mayle has created her designs around a new and exciting theme giving the industry much needed consistency and theory. Overall her looks combine vintage detailing with high end fabrics mixing street sensibility with feminine chic. Her Fall 2008 collection uses a theoretical approach, combining an attention to detail with structure and edge working square necklines and sleeves with short hemlines and choice hardware. Inspired by Eden, the first place of pleasure, the collection represents effortless ease, shape and drape with lots of skin tone hues, neutrals and rich blues creating sensuous ephemeral darkness. Appearing as an ode to the art deco designs of the 1940’s the collection appears concentrated around form and construction with drapy silks and prominent tones of elegance.It’s a shame to see this designer go…although hopefully not far. It’s possible that Jane Mayle will pop up again on the scene in another arena to satisfy her desire to create atmosphere and to fulfill our obsessions to be surrounded by all things beautiful and magical. After all, that’s what fashion is all about; whimsical realities and fleeting flutters of giddy excitement that we wish could last forever. But not all things are meant to last, and for the most part, all good things do in fact, come to an end.


Written by ramosgregory10

September 16, 2016 at 4:05 am